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What Is Blogger.Com And Why We Use This ?

Ohh I think this this will be a cool discussion about Blogger.Com There is a common question in the web market and mostly asked by newbies that What Is Blogger.Com or Why We Use This. Blogger is a cool and free blog creating tool by Google.Com and you can find it on simply Blogger.Com You can create free blogs with this tool and publish them on the world wide web.

What Is Blogger.Com And Why We Use This
What Is Blogger.Com And Why We Use This

What Is Blogger.Com And Why We Use This

As I described before that this is a free tool by Google to create free blogs and you can publish you own text content in them in the form of text or videos. Now days peoples are earning money with out investing a singe penny with Blogger. I this this is the best blogging platform in the world.

It was developed by Pyra Labs, which was bought by Google in 2003. Generally, the blogs on are hosted by Google at a sub domain of A user can have up to 100 blogs per account. And can upload images to 1 GB on one blog and those images will be hosted on Picassa. Have you confusion that What Is Blogger.Com

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Features Of Blogger.Com

1. Secured and Hosted By Google

Google known as internet giant on the web and is on the #1 in the www. It is very secure and there is no chance of being hacked and it is also hosted by Google on its own platform, this mean it will be indexed automatically and fastly. You don’t have to invest anything to start with blogger.

2. Login with your Google account

You all blogger blogs and your whole account is connected with your Google account, i.e Gmail or Google+ account. You can simply use your old gmail account to start with blogger.

3. Easy To Use – Less Technical

Blogger is very easy to use then the other blogging platforms like WordPress etc. And this does not requires any special technical skill and a simple internet user can understand it and can start with it. And this also does not require any coding language.

4. Editable and Adjustable

You can use the custom templates on your blogger blog and can customize and edit them according to your desire and mind. Those templates are just made in the XML and HTML coding, which is easy to edit and customize.

5. Backup by Google

As you publish content in your blog it is backed up by Google usually and if you lost your content then you can restore it by contacting cache manager. In this case you don’t need to worry about your content.

6. Copyright Protected

You content is safe with Blogger, because Google backup it in its database and when ever any copycat will copy or publish your content then Google will penalize that. In this case your whole content is copyright protected and safe in Blogger.

7. Custom SEO setting

Blogger updated its SEO features in 2013 and those are very useful and customize able. You can add keywords according to your niche and can add meta description. And also you can customize your RSS feeds.

8. It also go with Top-Level-Domain

Blogger not only deals with the subdomain like but it also goes with Custom Domain name. You can Add Custom Domain Name To Blogger, custom domain helps you to get better search results and top ranking. I hope you got the point.

9. Can easily add widgets

You can easily add your desired widgets and can also add custom widgets with your own coding by just going to layout section to blogger.

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I hope you’ve got the answers of our questions, that What Is Blogger.Com And Why We Use This ? These were some features and about Blogger.Com, we also recommend you to check where you will find the best domains.

Dear readers, I am working on this blog and is making the beginner’s guide to Blogger if you are Blogger user or is a newbie then don’t miss this guide, it can help you to survive with Blogger. Subscribe this blog with your email and keep visiting for updates. Give your feedback in comments or if you face any problem then please contact me via inbox.

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