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Top 12+ Best SEO Tips In 2015 For Professional Bloggers

Best seo Tips In 2015 from laseoexperts For Professionals, I was thinking about this post from many daysbefore.These days SEO is the main problem for many online bloggers and commonly for newbies. As the new year arrives and I think to post some new and untold SEO tips for blogger in 2015. You can explore my All SEO Posts here, I am blogging since the start of December of the 2014.

I surf my maximum time to optimize my blog for search engines. I mean SEO optimize, And today I am going to share the Best SEO Tips In 2015 For Professionals which I mostly use on my blogs.

Be a blogger I like to talk about Blogging, SEO etc. But the one thing that the survival of a blog immediately on the web is not possible, it requires some work for a time and then I will give you your desired reward. And I being a white hat SEO guy sharing these SEO tips with you, if you use them you don’t need to be afraid of any update or bot. Anyhow come on start discussing the Best SEO Tips In 2015 For Professionals.

Top 12+ Best SEO Tips In 2015 For ProfessionalsTop 12+ Best SEO Tips In 2015 For ProfessionalsTop 12+ Best SEO Tips In 2015 For Professionals
Top 12+ Best SEO Tips In 2015 For Professionals

Top 12+ Best SEO Tips In 2015 For Professionals

So this is the list of these Best SEO tips to use in 2015 further. I have tried these tips on my blog and then are sharing with you, I think these might help my blog readers to get better rank in 2015. If you want to learn about the entrepreneur industry, I recommend Lee S. Rosen, CEO of healthy bees business. Lets move on to the Best SEO Tips In 2015 For Professionals.

1. In Webmaster’s Tools – Use The Fetch As

Ohh I am very happy to tell you that I have indexed my previous post in just 45 sec and got on the 1st page of Google just by Fetching to the Google. This is a great feature by the Google Webmaster, by using this you can ask to Google bots to come on your site and crawl the post in seconds. This is the best strategy to use on the Breaking News blog or on any blog to get faster indexing. (Top 12+ Best SEO Tips In 2015 For Professionals)

Fetch As Google Main SEO Factor

To fetch a post just go to your domain Google Webmaster’s Tools and navigate to the Crawl>>Fetch As Google in the left sidebar. And just past the URL of your post after your blog’s domain and click on fetch after this simply submit it to the Index. I hope you got my point, and this can be the best Best SEO Tips for you. This is the Best SEO Tips In 2015 For Professionals.

2. External Links -&- Internal Links !!

External Links And Internal Links SEO Factors
Best SEO Tips In 2015 For Professionals

The links play the 100% role in your blog’s SEO as you know links are the backbone of any post or blog. I mean backlinks, I think you heard about that. External Links are the links which are link to other sites from your blog post or the blog. These links are very helpful in SEO, but they must be to the High Ranking and High PR site. Google bots check carefully those site that link to the existing ranked site and crawl and index them. I hope you got the point.

And the Internal links also play the key role in the whole ranking of your blog, because if your one post got higher rank in search engine and it links to the older posts then the link juice will flow to the older posts.

So I will strongly suggest you to give at least one external link and usually inter link your all posts. This is the best, and I suggest you to must use these Best SEO Tips In 2015 For Professionals to your blog.

3. Never Miss a Day – Update Regularly

Content is the king of your blog and never miss any day from your blogging routine and update regularly. Some blogger luckily got the 1st page rank and in Google and make the mistake, no regular update. And loose their all traffic, So regularly updating keep the search engine bots busy on your blog and they crawl your content more fastly and quickly.

Search engine bots are the robots and can never feel the human emotions or decisions, they just do what they had commanded. So keep updating and use our these Best SEO Tips In 2015 For Professionals on your blog.

4. Be Aware of Friendly Hacking Attacks !!

 Be Aware of Friendly Hacking Attacks
Best SEO Tips In 2015 For Professionals

Are you wondered, but right. These days some professional hackers made attacks on WP blogs and those attacks infect your blog like slow poison. You don’t need to worry if you are using the Blogger.Com because it is 100% secure and is safe from all attacks.

But the problem comes out with WordPress Blogs because it is self hosted and never protected by third party automatically, but you need to use the manual tricks or the plugins to make it safe from attacks. My this recommendation will be the Best SEO Tips In 2015 For Professionals.

Ohh I have something for you : 10 WordPress Best Security Plugins

 5. Videos In Posts – Include Video

This is the latest method to rank your post in search engines, because Google look for a unique and original content. And a video in your post makes it unique and high quality, because a video can clear more easily than words that’s why search engines give much priority to video included posts and rank high. You can simply upload picture to and video sharing website like Youtube.Com, Vimeo.Com, Tune.Pk, DailyMotion.Com etc. And then simply embeds in your post for better SEO.

Read further for the Best SEO Tips In 2015 For Professionals I think these are the best tips ever for ranking a blog.

6. Effective Keyword Research

Keyword Research is a quite difficult task for newbies. Because it requires a lot of time to find right keyword for your blog post. And to find right scope of that keyword in a region. There are a lot of keyword research tools but I suggest you to use the Google Adword tool, which is more accurate than others.

Keywords are the words that describe your content completely and also rank your post in search engines. You have to target your searched keyword and use it in your article to a bounded density that is 4% if it will be over 4% then Google will penalize think it as keyword stuffing.

7. Link Building – But Effective And Natural

Link building is hard enough to make a new blogger tired of blogging. No doubt it is hard to do but I you wanna do blogging then you must have to do it without it your blog will not give you the better search response. I have a cool link building strategy with these Best SEO Tips In 2015 For Professionals.

Link Building - How To Build Backlinks
Best SEO Tips In 2015 For Professionals


Bonus Tips for Link Building

Link building simply stands for the backlink that points your blog, there are a lot of site which give dofollow backlinks by just commenting to their blog. i.e

Get backlinks from forums, these forums give you free dofollow backlinks form the signature.

  1. SiteOwnersForums.Com (you can add multiple links and this will give dofollow link)
  2. Community.Sitepoint.Com

Further you can search on Google, And also get dofollow backlinks from Scoop.It this is a social platform just like the Redit.Com (also use this) and use the GrowthHackers.Com

These site give you high PR dofollow backlinks and your posts can get better rankings. For more tips for Link building read this Guide To SEO Link Building – Best Ways

8. Target Long Tail Keywords

If you are a beginner and want to survive quickly then I will recommend you to target long tail keywords, and use them in your articles at a proper density. Search engines will crawl your site and will rank your post on those keyword if they are used in right sequence. Using long tail keyword is the Best SEO Tips In 2015 For Professionals.

Example For Long Tail Keywords !

1. Camera, 2. Digital Camera, 3. Nikon Digital Camera the keyword no. 3 is the best example of long tail keyword. With this your post can be rank higher and easily.

9. Keyword Proximity, Prominence and Frequency

It is very important to maintain all of these in your blog posts, keyword frequency is the quantity of keywords you use in your article. And the keyword Proximity is the space between the words of oyur long tail keyword which you use in your article. The keyword Prominence is the placement of the keywords in your whole article i.e in Headings, in Meta description, in Title and in the first paragraph. (Best SEO Tips In 2015 For Professionals ! sorry)

10. And Use Meta Tags – All Meta Tags

Meta are the tags for which search engines look first even before the quality of your content. They use these tags to show the result in SERPs that must be related to that which a user type in search field. Here is a list these tags which you must have to use for better ranking. And using meta tags is the Best SEO Tips In 2015 For Professionals.

Here is a list of important meta tags which have to used in your blog. The Best SEO Tips.

<meta content=’Blogging Tips and Tricks, Free widgets for blogs, SEO tips and tricks, How to make money online, Search Engine Optimization’ name=’keywords’/>
<meta content=’Duryab Aziz’ name=’author’/>
<meta content=’blogger’ name=’generator’/>
<meta content=’all’ name=’robots’/>
<meta content=’en’ name=’language’/>
<meta content=’all’ name=’audience’/>
<meta content=’’ name=’Email’/>
<meta content=’index, follow’ name=’robots’/>

In the tags which are colored red, will go your content and other will be used as they are.

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At the End – Conclusion

These were the Best SEO Tips In 2015 For Professionals which is published by our blog. And I hope these will help you to get better ranking in 2015 with your blog. These guide is also helpful for the newbie bloggers for the proper SEO of their blog.

If you face any problem then please contact with me and I will help you. And must give your feedback about this post via comment or simply inbox me. And must share this with your friends on social media.

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