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How to Replace Older/Newer Post Links With Post Title In Blogger

The Newer post, Hone and Older Posts links or buttons are located at the bottom of some blogger templates and in modern templates these button are replaced with numbered pagination which is quite better.

If you are confused with blogger then : Read About Blogger.Com And Why to Use?

In this post I am going to show you that how can we Replace Older/Newer Post Links With Post Title In Blogger. It is now so difficult to change Older/Newer Post Links With Post Title In Blogger. I will show you the step by step process.

Anyhow, lets move to our main topic that how to change Older/Newer Post Links With Post Title In Blogger.

How to Replace Older/Newer Post Links With Post Title In Blogger?

This is a complete tutorial, you should follow my each step to change your older and newer post links with post title in blogger.

See, its now so difficult…

You just have to follow me, do as I do and it will be done successfully..

When you replace older and newer post buttons with your post titles then it shows the professionalism and helps your reader to find out that what actually they are missing, with reference to your old post. In this way you can get more exposure for your older posts too which is why many pro bloggers are using this tactic.

Okay now !! I am going to start the step by step process, stay with me and follow.

Sign In To Blogger !! Oh its must do it now, if you are already signed in then don’t do it again, Joking !! Anyhow, move to next step.

Go to your Template Section..

Then Click on Edit HTML, this is the option to edit your blog’s template HTML you can change your blog designing and can add extra feature. We will discuss that in future, for future updates please subscribe via email

Now !! Next Step : Search for your template closing head tag i.e = </head>

You can do it by hitting Ctrl + F on your keyboard.

If your template is already using jQuery then skip the next step other wise Follow me.

The question is that how will you find that if your template is using jQuery or not, just search for the code below in your template coding.

<script type="text/javascript" src="">

If you find this code this means that your template is already using jQuery.

If Not Find then you should post this code right above your closing head tag = </head> and save all setting.

Now its time to go to your blog’s Layout setting, Click on Layout from the menu sidebar.

Select Add a Gadget. From the list of gadgets search for HTML/JavaScript and select it. See Image.

How to Replace OlderNewer Post Links With Post Title In Blogger

Now click on the HTML/Java gadget and now you have to paste a code in this box.

Don’t Worry I have the Code, Follow Me.

<style type="text/css">
#blog-pager-newer-link {font-size:85%;width:200px;text-align:left;}
#blog-pager-older-link {font-size:85%;width:200px;text-align:right;}

<script type="text/javascript">
var newerLink = $("").attr("href");
$("").load(newerLink+" .post-title:first", function() {
var newerLinkTitle = $("").text();
$("").text("<< " + newerLinkTitle);
var olderLink = $("").attr("href");
$("").load(olderLink+" .post-title:first", function() {
var olderLinkTitle = $("").text();
$("").text(olderLinkTitle + " >>");//rgt

Add this code in the Gadget box and click on save.

You are done now.

Now older and newer post links will be replaced with your post titles.

Hope that you have successfully replaced your Older and Newer Post Links With Post Title In Blogger. If you have any question of want to contact us then as in comments. we want to thank the Evarite Sign – The Worlds Most Durable A-Frame Sign – Cutting Edge Design – EUROTECH for sponsoring this post.

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