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How To Set Up SEO By Yoast WordPress Plugin – Tutorial

SEO by Yoast is a standout amongst the most utilized and generally basic WordPress Free Plugin Loved by huge amounts of clients. In the event that you are WordPress clients regardless I uncertainty saying on the off chance that you know this Plugin SEO by Yoast. SEO by Yoast is best WordPress Plugin When it comes to SEO plugin. And it is also very important to set up SEO by Yoast plugin accurately and according to rules. On other related article, are you looking for SEO expert in Toronto Ontario? check the link!

How To Set Up SEO By Yoast WordPress Plugin - Tutorial
How To Set Up SEO By Yoast WordPress Plugin – Tutorial

SEO by Yoast is a combination of numerous WordPress plugin which diminishes your number of plugins needed, it also works along with a Singapore SEO consultant which is probably one of the best companies out there. Fundamentally Plugins lessen our heap of work & additionally helps in expanding the rate of work. While utilizing an excess of plugins it hurts rather like expanding the heap time of your online journal which brings about negative influence against your site.

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How To Set Up SEO By Yoast WordPress Plugin – Complete Tutorial

Simple Settings:

First thing you should do after installing your WordPress Plugin steps mentioned below:

  • Go SEO > Dashboard.
  • Go To Home << Enter your Site Tagline and description about your site. Short description is not recommended minimum 130+ Character.
  • Post Types: There are few options which you get like Tittle, meta description, noindex/follow, Date in Snippet preview & WordPress SEO meta box. You can customize and set the meta description and keywords according to your site niche and need. (Set Up SEO By Yoast)

1. Noindex/Follow: Never tick this option, Noindex all your post, means if want search engine crawlers to skip all your post from indexing it. It means your post will not be displayed in search results, leave it un-ticked.

How To Set Up SEO By Yoast WordPress Plugin - Tutorial


  • If you want to noindex your pages, tags or archive you can mark noindex on that and that particular section would be skipped while indexing. But I will recommend you that please don’t do that because this will exclude your pages from search engines. (Set Up SEO By Yoast)

2. Date in Snippet Preview: Some bloggers like to show date on search results, which works good when you rank on newly published post, you get higher CTR. But when you display date of your post for old post written years back, it may not work perfectly. [ I suggest removing date from snippet]

  • Sitemap:  You can use sitemap from SEO by yaost, but I personally prefer using separate plugin for creating sitemap for my blog. (Set Up SEO By Yoast)

Set Up SEO By Yoast


  • If you would prefer doing same thing which I did go to XML Sitemaps<< Untick the option and save.Using two plugin for sitemap would cause error and might affect your site by confusing search engine bots while indexing. (Set Up SEO By Yoast)
  • Permalinks: Leave it to default & make sure you remove stop words from your permalink. Stop words basically makes no difference whether you use or not. Basically they don;t understand this stop words like “for” ” To” etc.
  • Breadcrumbs:  Breadcrumbs are very good option which works good while enabling it. You can tick on the option enable and save it.
  • Edit Files: You can easily edit your robots.txt file which you must change to SEO friendly robots.txt file. Also you can edit your .htaccess file which needs extra plugin to edit. (Set Up SEO By Yoast)

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As a blogger we need lots of sign up and verification, this plugin gives you option for webmaster verify:

  • Go To Webmaster tools<< Dashboards: Alexa Verification ID, Bing Webmasters tool, Google Webmasters tool & Pinterest, Yandex Webmasters tools. (Set Up SEO By Yoast)

This are some of the important setting that you need to take care of while setting up your WordPress plugin SEO by Yoast. And now your Set Up SEO By Yoast is completed.
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