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How To Make Money With Your New Blog – Step By Step Guide

This is the second post and last post of our series (How To Start A Blog And Make Money With It). In this post we will discuss the most efficient and effective ways of earning money with a blog which is started recently and you are still working on it. Making money with your blog is quite cool and interesting, you can earn your desired amount with your blog which is the only way. There are hundred of ways to make money with your blog and many of them are very popular on the internet.

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Making money with blogging is based on your blog’s topic. You have to be honest with your blog niche and your content. Keep posting and debating on those articles which other bloggers do not. And after a time your blog will probably beat out others and will be able to generate your desired amount.

How To Make Money With Your New Blog - Step By Step Guide
Make Money With Your New Blog – Step By Step Guide

How To Make Money With Blog – Make Money Blogging

In this post we will talk on the following ways of making money with blog.

  • CPC Ad Network
  • CPM Ad Network
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Direct Advertising
  • Blog Consulting

Apply For CPC Advertising Networks.

CPC stands for Cost Per Click, in this type of advertisement network you have to serve ads of the CPC companies and you will get paid on each click which is made on the ad which you will serve on your blog. With this type of ads you can earn a huge amount of money and you can make millions of your blog. There are some famous CPC ad networks described below which help you to make money with your blog.

1. Google Adsense.

Google Adsense is the world’s largest advertisement platform which is run by Google and this is the highest paying advertising network. You will be get paid as a publisher for every click made on the ads which your are publishing. In the Google Adsense this not easy to be get approved. To get approved for Adsense you must have to post unique and quality content which is not posted by someone other ever.

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You can earn up to 4$ to 50$ depending upon your blog niche, I recommend you to be friendly with Adsense TOS. Read them carefully before applying Adsense to your blog. Once your  account get banned there is very less chance of getting it back. So be careful.

I recommend you to apply for Adsense when your blog have :

  1. 200 to 300 Daily Page Views
  2. At lest 30 quality posts.
  3. Unique Content
  4. You blog Must have About Us and Contact Us Page.
  5. Good Looking and professional design.

2. Infolinks.

Infolinks is another CPC advertising network and it is also Good in earning a good a revenue. You can made a good income if you have a great traffic to your blog. Sign up for infolinks.

Infolinks is in text advertising network, you can get approved for infolinks with a small traffic. And they will never disable your account. You can apply when your blog have at least 30 daily page views and 10 quality posts.

Apply For CPM Advertising Network.

CPM stands for Cost Per Mile and these ads networks pays you for 1000 impressions on their ads. You can be a good online earner if your blog have Nice Organic traffic and this is the best way of online earning. You need not worry after placing ads on your site. You will be get paid for 30 days. Here are some important CPM ad networks with which you can make money with your blog.

1.Buy Sell Ads

Buy Sell Ads is online advertisement program and used on millions of the world wide websites. It is not like Adsense but much better and powerful than Adsense with everything. This is not PPC ad network it is direct advertising ad network. In this platform advertisers meets with publishers directly and if they get interested in your site they will ask you to place their ad on your blog and you will ask your desired amount and ad will be remain on your site for minimum period of 30 days.

We can say that it is largest ever CPM ad network on the WWW. There is a alternative to Buy Sell Ads which is known as Publicity Clerks and this program is as same as to Buy Sell Ads.

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2. Epom.

Epom is a CPM ad network it is an official partner of Google Adsense. It meets directly an publisher to a advertiser and if your blog is getting good and organic traffic then it will start showing Google Ads on your blog an you will get paid as per Adsense CPC. They provide a good revenue to their publishers and you can earn also.

3. (Yahoo & Bing Ads).

This is another ad network which is run by Yahoo & Bing. This is also known as ad network. It is considered and the best alternative to Google Ads. This is much better for those bloggers which got good traffic from western countries. You can also use it on your blog with other networks or individually.

4. Mad Ads Media.

Mad Ads Media is another CPM ad network and gives 2$ for 1000 impressions depending on the type of content and traffic. If you have content in your blog which is related to their advertisers then they will pay you a good revenue. You can get approved if you have daily 10,000 impressions.

I recommend you to use all the CPM ad networks on your blog for better revenue generation. Using more than one networks will never violate any TOS.<

Apply For Affiliate Marketing Companies.

Affiliate Marketing means to market the products of different site on your blog so peoples buy or sign up for their product and you will be get paid for their each sale or each sign up.

1. Host Gator Affiliate Marketing.

Host Gator is a web hosting and domain company they provide domain names and Web Hosting to their users for their websites. You can sign up for their affiliate program and can ask your audience to buy their product through your referral link. And when each sale will be made through your referral you will be get paid. This is the long lasting and legit method of making money you only have to Sign up and just ask your blog visitors to buy host gator web hosting. You can sign up for Host Gator Referral Program Here. And start your affiliate earning.

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2. Blue Host Affiliate Marketing.

This program is as same as the Host Gator. You have to send your visitors through your referral to the blue host website. On the sale which they will made you will be get paid. This method is not a scam and they pay you on reaching the minimum payout threshold. You can signup for Blue Host Affiliate Programe Here. And start earning by referring your visitors for blue host.

Direct Advertisement.

You can earn money by direct advertising product of your users on your blog. For this you have to ask your users to advertise on your blog you can make a page in the header navigation and there you put your advertising rate and ad spaces. This method is quite easy and cool, you not need any application or waiting for approval.

This is also high paying earning method, because you ask your desired amount for each advertising and your advertiser pays you.

Blog Consulting.

Blog consulting means that to solve peoples problems on the internet and in return they will pay you as your hourly rate. In blog consulting you can consult in any topic in which you are expert. You can help peoples which are related to your topic or niche. You can make a page like “Blog Consulting” in the navigation of your blog.

And one thing you need to keep in mind is that never tell your hourly rate on your blog page. And you can ask your desired amount on each hour during consulting. This is best for you if your are expert in your blog topic.

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At The End..

After all this discussion we reach at this point that we can only earn money with a blog or website by advertising with popular companies and by consulting and affiliate marketing or we can sale our own products. And we can also make money by sending our visitors with our referral for some shop to website.

Now its on you that with which method you earn money with your blog or website, you can use all of these methods too for better earning but on thing which you will keep in mind is that you have not to use any advertisement before applying to any network for approval.

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