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How to Make Money Online – Earn Money From Internet

Hi I am Duryab Aziz, and I am a online earner since the mid of 2014. Today I gonna show you that How can we make money online or earn money online from home. I have recently share a post on making money with Infolinks. Must read out this article. Earn money online is not so easy as it seams, and it will not work if you will try to apply any short cut to make money online. There are thousands of ways to make money online which you can use and earn a passive income from the internet.

How to Make Money Online - Earn Money From Internet
How to Make Money Online Earn Money From Internet


When I was not aware of online earning, I just use my PC to play games, to fun with friends on social media and etc In short I was just using my PC for fun and entertainment. But If you are doing the same then you are wasting your precious time, you can utilize this time and can earn money online from your computer. You can do it in your extra time or can adopt it as a hobby.

So I recommend you to please not wast your time on the internet. You can do something and earn a extra cash other than your pocket money. You can make money online by following some instructions that I am going to share in this article, and you can even get one of the loans no credit check no guarantor to start off your business right.

How to Make Money Online From Home – Best Ways To Earn Money Online

As you know this world is based on a simple concept that when you do something then you get something. So never try to apply any shortcut to earn extra or earn without hard work. You have to work with companies so that they will pay, you have to work might be hard or not.

Requirements to Make Money Online.

To earn money online you must develop some habits or you have some qualities. If you don’t have these qualities it doesn’t mean that you will not earn money online, you can develop these habits in some time by practice. You can also go to Lee Rosen‘s blog to learn more about business ventures.

  • You must have a patience and hard work personality.
  • Your English must be strong or at basic level.
  • You should know to operate internet and computer.

So if you have all the above listed quality then you are ready to start your online earning carrier. If you are a student or a job holder then I will recommend you to keep this as part time other wise this will interfere in your usual life. Anyhow, lets start that how can we make money online.

1. Earn Money via Article Writing

Article writing is a popular method to earn money online, you have to write for other blogger or companies and yo will be get paid. There are further sub aspects in article writing, i.e while you write for yourself of for others. If you write articles for your self, it means that you run a blog, I will cover in the next heading that what is the blogging. Or you write articles for other companies and blogs and in return get paid.

Earn Money via Article Writing

A guy has covered a list of popular websites that pays much higher for sing written article :

2. Earn Money With Blogging

Are you confused that what is the Blogging? then don’t worry I will clear all your confusions about blogging. Blog is the a shortcut word of Web Log, this is a web page or website on which you publish your ideas and peoples comes and read it, in this way you get traffic i.e visitors to your blog. Later on when you have much traffic to your blog then you can monetize it and can earn money.

How to Earn Money With Blogging
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I have already published a article that is a huge guide about blogging and how can we start it. Read it here : How to Start a New Blog and Make Money with It – Step by Step Guide ” This article is not less than any paid eBook”

Later on read this to monetize i.e earn money with your blog : 4 Best Ways to Monetize Your Blog

If you have started a new blog and not getting much traffic then you must read this post : How to Easily Get Traffic to New Blog

3. Earn Money with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products like making a comparison over Dell vs HP laptops. They pay you when ever any person buy any product through your referral earning. Affiliate marketing is also called referral earning, make sure to check to know which are the top companies that usually give out this type of service. At awol academy, they will teach everything there is to know about marketing so you can become an expert, if you Buy instagram followers it could also help you better your social media marketing.

You can earn money with affiliate marketing by promoting products of popular affiliate programs, and with some Clever Stewie Reputation Management Tips you will be able to hold your business together. They pays you as much high as $120 per sale i.e Blue Host. There is a WordPress theme selling website named MyThemeShop. You can sign up for this, click here to sign up. They pays you a plain commission upto $60 per sale.

Must Read This : How to Make Money with MyThemeShop

Earn Money with Affiliate Marketing

It doesn’t mean that how you promote their products, you can do that on your Social Media profiles or on your blog or website or to your email newsletter.

Here is a list of Popular affiliate programs with which you can work and earn money online.

And many more you can find by searching on Google. Just type your desired query i.e “Best Affiliate Programs”

4. Earn Money With YouTube

I think you’ve shocked by reading this heading. The first question arose to your mind is “How can we do this” Be easy I will tell you step by step that how can you make money online with You Tube.

As you know that You Tube is the world’s largest 3rd website and also largest video broadcasting website. And it is the most used online streaming website such as Twitch stream layouts. When it comes to online earning YouTube also comes to top 10 ways of online earning.

Earn Money With YouTube

You can create your own videos and then publish them on your YouTube channel and then monetize then with Google Adsense. Whenever any viewers will watch your video you will be get paid. Wondering if you can really buy views on youtube? visit to achieve lots of viewers without spending hundreds of dollars on split-testing “new” approaches

5. Make Money Online by Freelancing

Freelancing means to work for some other person or company and get paid. You can join the online websites where you will find lot of freelancers that works for other and get paid hourly. You can work in any category there are hundreds of categories related to online work. You can work in that category in which you are the best.

Make Money Online by Freelancing

We have recently published a article : How to Make Money Online by Freelancing Jobs Online

Bonus: There is another freelancing website named PeoplePerHour which I haven’t included in the article mentioned above. You can work on it and get paid according to your desire.

So this was a huge article on How to make Money Online. If you liked this detailed article then share this with your friends on social media, and like our Facebook page and subscribe via email so you get the updates easily in your inbox. Thanks

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