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7 Best Ways To Increase Blog Traffic By 200%

Best Ways to Increase Blog Traffic? Milwaukee, Wisconsin – search ranking factors will help to answer this question, website traffic plays a very important role in your online earning. It has a direct relation to your bank account. It is easy to build and design a blog but it is too hard to survive with a great content in the blog. Today world is growing very fast and there millions of blogs come to know on the WWW everyday. When I launched this blog I did not get much traffic on my posts and pages, It dishearted me to a large. But I did not give up my struggle. And I learned the basics of these phenomenons. The process of increasing traffic to your website is not so difficult if you know the Search engines and online marketing basics.

Today we are going to discuss that How To Increase You Blog Or Website Traffic ??

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Best Ways To Increase Blog Traffic

7 Powerful Tips To Increase Blog Traffic.

1. Conduct Keyword Research While Writing.

To Increase Blog Traffic you have to pay attention on the keywords and phrases which your audience and readers are writing in search engines. It is difficult to know about those keywords unless you made some search about that. luckily, Google provide a free tools for to the point keyword research and that is Keyword Planner Tool.

When you write any keyword on which you are going to write your post and hit enter. It will show you Ad Group Ideas but you have to switch it to Keyword ideas. Then it will show you the monthly searches of your keyword and show many related keywords which you put there. And you will have a good idea about the monthly search of your keyword.

When you are writing a post, keyword research is best utilized for the title and headlines of the post. If you are writing the post on the SEO tutorials then you can use this keyword in your post Title, Headlines and in whole post body, you can contact a Richmond SEO consultant or any other SEO companies to assist you with it.

2. Use Social Media Like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Digg to promote your blog, and make sure to use a Facebook annonsering system to get faster results.

Social media plays a important role in the increasing the traffic of your website. You can share your every post old or new on your social profiles. Create new connection with new peoples once you have started it becomes much easier for you to promote via social media. Social media becomes great power these days to increase blog traffic.

Best Ways To Increase Blog Traffic

Facebook is the world’s 2 ranking website and twitter and other social medias are so. You can create a strong and huge community over the whole world and then you will see your increasing traffic graph.

3. Make Your Website Design Professional to increase blog traffic.

Website or blog design matters a lot in the visitors rate. As your site will be beautiful more audience will come. Users love to navigate a blog much easier, you have to choose a beautiful, responsive and SEO friendly template.

Or if you like to design your blog personally then choose professional and popular design and set them according to international design. Choose some great and useful widgets don’t make heavy your site with widgets in the form of garbage.

Make Your Website Design Professional to increase blog traffic

4. Keep An Eye On SEO And Its Updates.

SEO is the basic thing if you want to drive a good traffic to your blog or website. You have to learn basics about the SEO. It stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is updating day by day. I have posted some about SEO..

After reading these posts I hope you have learned some thing basic about SEO. And it is updating day by day. Google is updating its algorithms and it cause difficulty for webmasters. Stay tuned with us for new SEO updates.

5. Submit yours Posts To Social Bookmarking Sites.

Writing a post is a hard job but it is interesting. The problem in appears when it got no new visits and it disheart you. This tip is very working for new posts and their some initials views. I suggest you to share your post on the Social bookmarking website, you will probably get some golden likes and views in no time.

Some Sites are listed below..

  • Digg
  • StumbleUpon
  • Reddit

These are some sites which are very popular in this matter and you can use them free of cost.

6. Interlink Your Blog Posts And Pages With Each Other.

Interlinking is the one of the old method to increase website traffic and it works till now. Interlinking means that Link you new posts with the existing ones. When a user will come to your new post it will surely click the link of your old post. And this will increase blog traffic.

This trick is also work for increasing your website rank and authority. You only have to find some keywords which are related to your existing post titles and then you can pate your post link in those keywords.

7. Optimize Your Blog Content.

Blog content matters a great in the blog ranking. If you will turn from your blog niche or your content type search engines will threw you out. And you will never get any organic traffic to your website. In the optimization the first this is to optimize your blog title. Title your blog according to your niche and do some hard Keyword Research before choosing a title.

After thing is to optimize your each blog post and headings. It will make your blog to index fast in search engines. And you will get a great and organic traffic to your website. For which you are struggling.

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