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5+ Best Ways To Increase Alexa Rank Of Blog In a Week

Alexa is a website which keep eye on your website and rank according to content and traffic on it. It will be easy to increase Alexa rank of blog if you have good traffic to your blog. Alexa tracks all aspects of your site i.e SEO, visitor stats, content and country of visitors. After watching all these aspects Alexa rank your blog worldwide and also in a specific country that you have selected. In short you will have a boost in your Alexa rank if your blog stands in a good condition.

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I have some tips for you to increase Alexa rank of your website. I hope these might help you.

Best Ways To Increase Alexa Rank Of Blog In a Week
Best Ways To Increase Alexa Rank Of Blog In a Week

5 Ways To Increase Alexa Rank Of Your Blog.

1. Install Alexa Rank Widget.

Installation of Alexa rank widget to your website is useful to increase Alexa rank. It shows the rank of your website as well as estimate the number of backlinks to your website. There are different types of Alexa widget it is your choice which one you will choose.

2. Update regularly.

It is very important for a beginner to post content to your blog on daily basis, because the content is the king. If you will update your blog regularly then the search engine bots will crawl your site regularly on that time when you post at your blog or website. I hope you got my point about the daily content posting on a blog to increase alexa rank of blog.

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3. Type Of Content.

Type of content matters 100% for your alexa rank, your blog must have a original and quality content. In this way you can increase your alexa rank, your content can be different depending upon your niche. Alexa track the content of a blog specially before ranking any blog. If you see that the blogs that are mostly contain text and are self written have more high rank then freeware of other types of blogs. So keep in mind the quality of your posts, this will help you to increase alexa rank.

4. Alexa Toolbar.

From experience, I highly recommend installing the Alexa Toolbar, because when we access a website, Alexa takes it as important visit and thus, better results in the ranking. And of course, it will give you information about the links of a web site, popular pages, reviews, and more features. This is also very helpful in increasing Alexa rank.

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5. Request A Review.

Review of your whole website except the counting the daily and monthly visitors. And number of backlinks plays also a very important role in ranking of your site. Ask your friends to review your website by paying to alexa. Alexa when review any website then it give a boost in its rank, and this will probably increase alexa rank of your blog.

5+1. Use third party sites

You can use the third party websites to increase alexa rank of your blog. I have one website that give a huge boost in your rank, AlexaBoostUp this site allows you to add you site and earn points and then those points will be surfed on your URL for page views, and most of the viewers that come on your site have the alexa toolbar installed and in this way this will give boost to your rank i.e you can increase alexa rank of your blog very quickly. Sign up for AlexaBoostUp Click Here.

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I hope this post will be helping to you, don’t forget to share this post with your friends on social media. And give your feedback in comments, or if you need any help contact me.

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