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How To Increase Adsense Earning And Revenue – Earn More

In this post I will show you How to increase Adsense earning, CPC or PPC Rate. Adsense is the one of the best highest PPC paying ad network world wide. No doubt that millions of webmasters are using adsense instead of other ad publishing program and earning hundred thousands of dollars from this program. But the problem is that sometimes it pays very low rate to some sites and some niches. Our users ask me that How to increase Adsense earning on a blog, I am here to solve your problem about this topic.

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Suppose Adsense pays you 0.6$ per click and you got 160 clicks daily on your Adsense ads and with this calculation you got 96$ daily. And if you increase your CPC and got 0.8$ per click and then your earning will be increase from 96$ to 128$. This means by increasing 0.2$ dollar per click you got approx 1X more earning then later. It is not so difficult to increase Adsense earning on your blog, just don’t violate TOS of ad implementation and ad limit. Anyhow, let us see that how we can increase Adsense earning or revenue.

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How To Increase Adsense Earning And Revenue - Earn More
Increase Adsense Earning And Revenue

How to increase Adsense earning and revenue?

Now we should be on our main topic i.e “increase Adsense earning”. You must know that what is a CPC is. Just read carefully all instructions and implement in your blog to increase Adsense earning. Lets Start.

What is Adsense CPC and PPC..?

CPC stands for Cost Per Click and PPC stands for Pay Per Click these both terms are used to describe the Adsense cost which we got on every click. Webmasters earn some $ss on every click made on Adsense ads which is approx 0.6$ to 1$. And it can be about 1$ to 2$ when clicks are made from western countries.

There are some important steps which must keep in mind to increase Adsense earning. It is the main target of a Blogger to earn a great income from blogging. He posts content but forget to optimize his site for best ads and good CPC.

Must Read These:

1. Too many Ads cause Less CPC.

If you are using Adsense on your blog I will recommend you to use less ads on your site. Too many ads cause less CPC on your niche and website. Use up to 3 ads on each page of your blog. And if you are writing lengthier posts and big ads can be place then it is better for you to use Large Skyscraper, It will show high quality and high paying ad.

If you will use too many ads on your blog then there will be no more ads to show on your blog except low paying and poor quality ads. So keep in mind the quantity of the ads.

2. Sizes And Type of the ads.

Size of the ads also plays a important role to increase Adsense earning. If you are using the small ads or only text ads then you are loosing your large money which you can earn. I recommend you to choose both text and display ad type and use a bit larger size of the ads which are the square and medium scrapper and large Skyscraper. So keep in mind the type and the size of the ads.

There is list of ad units in the Adsense panel while creating ad unit, you should choose recommended ad unit because that is high paying and can help you to increase Adsense earning.

3. Use Section Targeting.

According to Google support, using section targeting helps the SE bots show better and related ads, if you have chosen a high paying keyword and targeted it in your article then related and high paying ads will be shown and will give a good CPC, in this way you can use section targeting to increase Adsense earning.

Using section targeting is not so difficult, just put the following code in the HTML of your article at the start “<!– google_ad_section_start –>” and this one at the end “<!– google_ad_section_end –>” or simple add this code around the part of your article on which you wan to target the ads.

4. Niche Of your Site.

Your site niche plays a important role in sticking high paying ads to your site or blog. Niche is the topic of your blog on which you are writing content and working. The Adsense ads that are shown on your blog are related to your blog keyword and the type of your content.

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Selecting a best niche is the main and first thing to increase Adsense CPC and you are more efficient and  much depending on your site niche. In which you never get bored while writing.

If you are running a games or jobs site then you will not be paid much high from the Adsense and if you are running a valuable site on Domains, How To Earn Money, Real Estate etc, then you will be paid much higher up to 1$ to 2$ per click.

Some popular and important blog topics.

  • Banking
  • Beauty Tips
  • Real Estate
  • Health Tips
  • Banking
  • Domain Advising And Sale
  • Education
  • Camping trips with Survival Cooking equipment
  • How To Earn Money

These were the some important and high paying niches, you can write on these if you have good knowledge about any of the. This will help you to increase Adsense earning.

5. Target High Paying Keywords.

Keywords are the base for displaying the ads, the ads will be related to keyword that you use. Advertisers on Google Adword bid for keywords in targeting their ads. I recommend you to search for high paying keyword and use it in your post heading and some where in your whole post but keep the Keyword density to safe level. This will increase Adsense earning.

Targeting high keywords can play a important role in increasing your Adsense CPC rate. So try to target best and rich keywords.

6. Traffic Source.

Traffic source plays a important role in the CPC of the Adsense and in your whole earning. If the click are made from the Asian countries then you can maximum earn upto 1$ to 1.5$ and if these clicks are made from western countries then you can earn minimum 2$ to 3$ per click.

So you have to try with your best to target you traffic more from western countries so that you paid much higher.

7. Block Categories & URLs

In new Adsense panel you can use the new feature developed, i.e block categories. You can block the categories that are showing irrelevant or very low paying ads in your blog. I usually block the categories that got much impression but give low CPC. You can find this option under the “Allow & Block Ads” page of your Adsense account.

Block Categories And Ad URLs to earn more

And the black list URLs can also be found under the same tab, you can block the URLs that pays very low on a single click i.e 0.01$ it is not enough for one click. I will recommend you to block those advertiser URLs.

I have the list of the URLs to be blocked: Check out the Blacklist URLs here

Video Version Of This Article : YouTube Video

At The End..!

This was a huge article on How to increase Adsense earning and revenue. And I gave you some cool tips to increase Adsense earning. Now its your turn to apply these on your site and blog. Google never do bad with their publishers, they just show ads according to your content quality. So keep the quality high to get more earning from Adsense.

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  1. My friend and fellow blogger Swapnadip referred me to your blog. And I must say that it was worth visiting. I see that you have accepted my friend request on facebook and I am very glad for it. Thank You, Sir !!

    Now coming back to the topic, it is an awesome post on making money online. I have heard many people commentating about affiliation programs and saying that it is one of the best. But honestly I agree with you that Google Adsense still has that power to sky rocket your income. I just went through certain people who are earning a lumpsum amount through Adsense. Courtney Rosen – $350,000 per month, Pete Cashmore – $250,000 per month, Shawn Hogan – $195,000 per month. So, even after this, how come people are led to believe that Google Adsense is an anachronistic method ?

    Even though Google has laid down certain strict rules especially for India and China, but if you maintain your blog with assiduity, you are bound to roll in money.

    Once again a great post and an eye opener for those who are deluded. Thanks a ton Sir. Hope to see you soon again with another spectacular article. Have a great day and continue blogging.

  2. I had tried using , but their RPM is low but good customer support. Adsense is the best one . and Chitika also good , I had received payments from them.

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