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How to get verified PayPal account in Pakistan And earn $25

So you are here to get a verified Paypal account in Pakistan which some people think is impossible. But I will tell you the simplest and quite easy method to get PayPal account in Pakistan. It is hard to reject those cool offers which pays a lot money but through Paypal.

We will get the PayPal account in Pakistan through Payoneer account. Payoneer is also a global payment company. It supports to receive funds from foreign payment services and add it in your account.

I am only telling you this method due to its legitimacy that is the getting PayPal account in Pakistan via the Payoneer.

How to get verified PayPal account in Pakistan And earn $25
How to get verified PayPal account in Pakistan

Here are some common questions.

What is Paypal..?

Paypal is a international bank as it gives you the opportunity to transfer and accept the funds worldwide. Many advertisers and publishers are very comfortable with this service.

Why we need Paypal..?

Paypal is a online international bank but unfortunately it is not supported in Pakistan and some other countries. Peoples which work online with different companies  and earn money. Many of the companies pay them with this international bank which is Paypal. So, this is necessary for those peoples which work online.

How to get verified PayPal account in Pakistan?

Step#1: Sign up for Payoneer account. (And here I will tell you the way of earning $25 by just signing up)

Step#2: Receive & Activate your card.

Step#3: Sign up for a Paypal account with fake information using

Step#4: Verify your Paypal account by entering all your payoneer information.

Step#5: Request your money from Paypal account to Payoneer Master Card.

Step#6: With Draw you first payment.

Step#1: Sign up for a Payoneer account.

Our first step is to apply for a Payoneer account which is a famous money transfer company which serves worldwide. You should have a Payoneer account get verified PayPal account in Pakistan. Your account will be first approved by Century Bank. After approving they will send you your Master Card on your provided street address, that will probably solve Paypal problem for you in Pakistan.

How to get verified PayPal account in Pakistan

Visit Payoneer official site and sign up for a new account if you do not have. You should be provide all your information. After signing up they will ask you to to prove your identity, that will be your ID Card.

How to earn $25 with Payoneer sign up?

This is a good question, I will love to tell my readers about this exclusive and heart touching offer provided by Payoneer. You just have to sign up to Payoneer by using this link “” and they will give you $25, which is a huge amount.

After signing up when you will transfer or receive a amount of $100, they these $25 will be transacted to your account which you will latter on can withdraw from your master card. If you are going to sign up then never miss your $25, keep in mind using the link above.

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Step#2: Receive And Activate Your Card.

After receiving your Master Card at your home address. You will be asked to activate that card, it can be activated by entering the account number on the card and pin code that is provided in the post envelop.

How to get verified PayPal account in Pakistan

Then they will ask to you if you have interested in US payment service ? You will have to sign up for this by answering some simple questions. They will receive and review your information and you will be accepted within few hours.

After completing this sign up you will be get a virtual US bank account and a routing number via E-Mail.

Next time is to apply for Paypal to get verified account in Pakistan.

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Step#3: Sign up for a Paypal Account.

Now its time to get this top world wide hottest service in Pakistan. In simple words to sign up for Paypal account. Go to the and click on sign up for a new account. Use USA as your resident country and go to the and create fake information as you like. It will not only provide you the fake name but it will also take care about every point that is important for your PayPal account in Pakistan.

That’s done for signing up for Paypal account now its time to verify it.

Step#4: Verify you Paypal Account.

Fill out the form and apply, once you apply then its time to verify your Paypal account. There will be definitely send you a link to verify account.  First click the link ‘Get verified’. There will be two options click on ‘Bank’ and provide all your Payoneer account information which you have in an E-Mail which is sent by the Payoneer team, verify carefully to get PayPal account in Pakistan.

After few days Paypal will send some amount to your Payoneer account for testing. There you will have to do is only send back that amount to your Paypal account and your process is completed. Now, you are owner of a verified Paypal account in Pakistan. Proudly..!!

How to get verified PayPal account in Pakistan

Step#5: Request your Money for Withdraw.

After all the process its time to withdraw your first amount from Paypal. Receive money from your advertisers and send it to your payoneer account and you will receive that amount on your card, now you have PayPal account in Pakistan.

How to get verified PayPal account in Pakistan

Step#6: Withdraw you First Amount from Card.

After you have transferred your money from your Paypal account to Payoneer Card you can use it any where at any ATM Machine in Pakistan. And can use any where.

How to get verified PayPal account in Pakistan

Note: Never enter your Payoneer card into any ATM when it has no amount in it. Your card will be seas in ATM. Make sure you have loaded it before using in a ATM.

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Now you have a verified PayPal account in Pakistan, which you can use for any transaction throughout the world. The important tips for secure account : never receive money from un trusted companies, or never receive money from strange source. This will help you to remain secure and verified.

If you like this article then must share this on social media wit your friends and also help them to get verified PayPal account in Pakistan, and earn $25 from your Payoneer sign up. If you have any problem or want to ask any question then simply contact me or comment below. And must give your feedback in comments.

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