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How To Get Google Adsense Approval Fast & Quickly

Get Google Adsense approval is the main problem of new blogger which enter in this field and left after a little time because they don’t get Google Adsense approval or enough traffic to their blog. I also disapproved when I applied Ist time with my 2 months old  blogger blog, then I realize my mistakes and correct them and reapply to Google Adsense right after 1 week and I Got Google Adsense Approval. I was very happy and feeling like a rich.

You are here because you are a blogger or want to get Google Adsense approval. Google has very strict policy about Adsense sign up but you will must be approved if you have a good content and a quality website or blog. It is hard to find the reason of your account’s disapproval. It was very easy to get Google Adsense approval right 5 years before but due to its miss use Google made it very hard to get a sign up to Adsense. Anyhow, lets discuss that How To get Google Adsense approval.

How To Get Google Adsense Approval Fast & Quickly
How To Get Google Adsense Approval Fast & Quickly

Why Google Disapprove my Request ?

There are many reasons because of which you did not get Google Adsense approval. I am going to mention some common problems with blog because of which Google disapprove you.

  1. Insufficient Content
  2. No Search Traffic
  3. Bad Post Layout
  4. Not A Professional Looking Theme
  5. Bad SEO
  6. Poor Blog Layout
  7. Or Using Other Ads Networks

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These are the some common reasons due to which Google some time disapprove you and you did not get Google Adsense approval. We will try to recover these mistakes in this post and I will also share some advance tips to get Google Adsense approval.

How To get Google Adsense approval Quickly – In short time

Okay we’ve discussed some reasons and our newbie bloggers thinking about Adsense. Now its time to fight with Google Adsense, lets see how can we get an approved Adsense account.

1. Use a Professional Looking & Eye catching Theme

Theme matters a lot in your blog’s importance and for Adsense approval. You must have a good looking theme and can easily crawled by search engines, I mean SEO friendly theme. In this way search engines will send much traffic to your site and your blog will appears in top lists of SE. Using a professional before applying to Adsense is a good decision to get Google Adsense approval.

2. Focus On Quality & Quantity

In the earlier days of blogging some bloggers try to increase the quantity of post as well as words, but they don’t think about the quality of their text. Your blog’s first post should be much informative and helpful to peoples. Google is very smart and tracks ever thing which you do while blogging. And the quantity of content also matters a lot, see if you have only 1 quality post in your blog you will never get any ad publisher network. Quantity of words in post and numbers of post in blog is very important. If your blog have a quality within the quantity you will surely get Google Adsense approval. And never copy the text try to write your own.

3. Numbers of Posts in Blog

Your blog must have 40-50 quality posts containing approx 600 words each before applying for Google Adsense account. If you have posts less then these then try to reach this figure and latter on apply for sign up. As I discussed in above heading that the quality also matter in get Google Adsense approval.

4. Traffic on Your Blog

I think this is the main thing after your blog posts which every advertiser will see on your blog. Traffic is the number of the peoples which come on your blog and read your content. To get Google Adsense approval you must have daily minimum 150 views from search engines and overall visits must be 300 daily. After you achieve this figure within 45 quality blog posts you will have more chances to get Google Adsense approval.

5. Use White Hat SEO, Never Go for Black Hat

SEO is the technique used to increase the site’s or blog’s appearance in search engines by natural and unpaid process. You blog will never get the to 10 ranking in just 1 week you need to work hard and steadily. Always use white hat SEO tricks to drive traffic on your blog  and never use the wrong and black hat techniques. Black hat includes keyword stuffing, use of much keywords etc. Keep your blog’s SEO strong and must get the top 10 ranking for some posts before applying for Adsense this will increase your chance to get Google Adsense approval quickly.

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6. Important pages

You should make some important pages in your blog before applying to Adsense. Pages like Contact Us, About Us, Privacy Policy and Copyright etc. These pages are must have pages for a blog without these your blog is not complete, because one come on your blog and inspire with it then he will surely want to know about you. If he did not find “About Me” page, what he will think.

7. Update Your Blog Daily

This is the key tip from me to my dear readers that update your blog daily, if you will not update id daily then you loose you lot of traffic and can also Adsense account. But we are talking all this to get Google Adsense approval if one mistake will loose this chance then I, WE or NOBODY will allow it to happen so I suggest you that keeping yourself in the blog’s niche update it every day of make a schedule to update it. It does not matter what is your schedule Google will just check that your are updating it in a uniform sequence or not.

Uniform sequence? If you are confused see that if you write a post on your blog daily it is uniform, or write 1 in a fixed day of a week of write 2 in a week on fixed days. This is the uniformly updating of blog. I hope you got the point.

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I hope after my a lot of effort in writing this post you got some points and will be able to get Google Adsense approval. My friends to some great you must do hard work and have sincerity with your work. If you will become sincere with anything that will be same with you. Professional don’t like things happening without their effort, think like professionals and do your best to achieve your goal.

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  1. i applied twiced and got approval second time this whole process took my 8 days only , your tips really helped me in getting approval for adsense, now what do you suggest and how can i keep my website safe from click bombing snd how to keep my adsense acccount safe from suspension what exactly i ll have to do to make google not to suspend my account cause i have heard somewhere they suspend your account without any specific reason but obviously they find some reason to suspend so they do right ….??so any tips it will be appreciated ..! AdSense Complete Guide

    • Duryab Aziz Sukhera

      Okay, Congratulation to you for your Adsense account. Now you just have to work better and hard on your blog, I mean Google will never disable your account if you will use it sincerely i.e will never click on your own ads or ask someone to click, or want to increase your revenue. In this case Google disable your account, other wise it will not because I am also a adsense publisher.
      Thanks, Regards
      Duryab Aziz Sukhera

  2. I have applied many time for my blog but every time my application is rejected please check my blog and suggest me that what is the problem.thanks my blog is.

    • Hi Hannah, I have checked your blog. The main reason is that your blog does not have a top level domain. And I also analyzed your blog and found that there is not enough search traffic, and your blog’s niche is not of much scope…

      But be patient and keep struggle.. Thanks

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