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How To Fix 404 Not Found Error In Blogger Blogs

How To Fix 404 Not Found Error In Blogger Blogs
Fix 404 Not Found Error In Blogger Blogs

Blogger is one of the best blogging plat form on the internet but some time it is difficult for its users to access a blogger site. It start giving the 404 error that means that the post have been transferred to a new URL or deleted permanently. Some blogger got hyper with error but this is not so critical issue for your blog. This usually cause when any search engine crawl a link which does not exist in your blog. You can fin 404 not found error by custom redirection of that URL to new one.

In this post we are going to study that How To Fix 404 Not Found Error In Blogger. This error does not cause any critical issue to your blog it still occurs when you delete any post from your blog or if your content is reported and abusive. The blogger revert those posts to draft, but in most cases the post can be recovered.

Why 404 Not Found Error Cause In Blogger?

  • Mistakenly Indexing – This means that some times search engine crawls your blogs URLs that does not exists in your blog, and it start giving 404 error.
  • Deleted Post – If your post is deleted or reverted to draft this can cause to 404 Error.
  • Reported Content – This means that if your blog content is reported as spam or abusive will revert it to draft, this can also cause 404 error.

It is not so hard to fix 404 not found error in blogger, you can simply fix it by redirecting the causing URL to new address or to your blogs homepage, or to any related post. It will be OK in every way.

How To Fix 404 Not Found Error In Blogger?

It is much better to redirect your error page visitors to your blogs home page by custom redirection. Lets start and discuss that how to solve this.

Step 1. Go to >> Your Site >> Search Preference >> Custom Redirects >> Edit >> New Redirect

How To Fix 404 Not Found Error In Blogger

Step 2. After selecting the new redirect, put the URL of the post that containing 404 error in the first box and put the URL of the home page (or of that page on which you want to redirect the visitor). After filling click on save and also click on save changes.

How To Fix 404 Not Found Error In Blogger

Now when ever any visitor will land on the page containing 404 error will be redirected to the targeted URL. All Done Congrats.

Now you have successfully fixed 404 not found error in your blogger blog. But 1 advice from me is that if you are receiving so many 404 errors (you can determine in Google Webmaster Tools) to your blog then I recommend that redirect the error containing URL to the post that will be related to that links. This will be help full for your blog traffic as well as your reader.

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