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How to Embed PDF and Other Documents Files In Website and Blog Pages

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I am going to show you that how can you embed PDF and other documents in your blogger blog post. This is not so difficult to Embed PDF Documents Files In Blogger Post. I will tell you the easiest way to Embed documents in blogger post. If you need professional help to do all this, then this is how you can achieve your goal.

I will embed PDF document for this tutorial but you can embed any document using this method. I have also included a video tutorial in this article, that will clear more over you if you don’t want to read this article.

How to Embed PDF and Other Documents Files In Blogger Post


How to Embed PDF & Other Documents Files In Blog Post or Website Pages?

First of all I will tell you the whole sitemap of this article, that what we actually are going to do.

1. First of all we should have a PDF or any other document that we want to embed.

2. Then we will upload it to Google drive | or other any other online drive service that can view that file online with their viewer.

3. The we will change the access of that document to public and click on share. Don’t worry latter in this article I will show you with images.

4. Then we will use a iframe tag that Google Drive will provide us, we will use that tag i.e <iframe/>

5. After that we will add the iframe tag to our post’s HTML so that it accurately show the document on viewing post.

Steps: Embed PDF and Other Documents in Blogger Blog Post and web pages?

So lets start from the first step to embed PDF and other documents in blogger post.

Hope that you have a Google account, other wise you should have to create this, you can also use Media Fire or etc for this purpose. We just need the url of the file. But I will recommend you to use the Google Drive.

Now sign in to your Google Account, after sign in go to Google Drive and click on Go to Drive.

And a new window will appears that contains your uploaded files, if you account is new then there will be nothing.

Now upload your PDF or other document file to your Google drive.

Embed PDF & Other Documents Files In Blogger

Embed PDF & Other Documents Files In Blogger

Embed PDF & Other Documents Files In Blogger

The file is now uploaded now you have to change the access for this file. So peoples can see this document on your webpage or blog post.

Follow the above image and click on share in the notification box, where the file is uploaded.

Embed PDF & Other Documents Files In Blogger

Here you have to click on the change link, so that the access of the file can be changed, as shown in the image above click on the change. Then..!!

Embed PDF & Other Documents Files In Blogger

Dot the first box so that everyone on the web can see the PDF document your blog post or any webpage.

We have done almost half process for Embed PDF & Other Documents Files In Blogger.

Now follow me next !!

Now we just need the preview link for this PDF file so that we use that link in the <iframe> tag and embed documents in our blogger post.

To get the shareable link for this file follow me.

See the image.

How to Embed PDF & Other Documents Files In Blogger

As shown in the image above click on the share icon by selecting the image and cope the link from the box that popups.

Now you have the link to this file, and by going to this link you can preview your file from your browser.

Paste this link in your browser and the PDF document will be shown. Now click on the drop down menu and click on embed item.

embed item with code


They will provide you the embed code, this is actually a <iframe> tag which contain the link to the file and its height and width is default set.

In my case The embed code looks like this:

<iframe src="" width="640" height="480"></iframe>

Now paste this code in your blogger post and the document will be embedded in your blogger post.


How to Embed PDF & Other Documents Files In Blogger

See the Sample Below – Embed PDF In Blogger Post

Now all done, and you have successfully embed the PDF and other documents to blogger blog post.

Hope that this article help you and you Embed PDF & Other Documents Files In Blogger.

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