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How to Change WiFi Password of PTCL ADSL Modem

Are you searching for how to change WiFi password of PTCL broadband modem, then you are on the right place. I will show you step by step that how can you change WiFi password easily for your broadband. This is not so difficult to change your WiFi password, you just have to follow the simple steps to protect your WiFi from unknown users. With the best wireless router you won´t have that problem at all, you can do it manually from your phone.

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There may be many reasons to change your WiFi password, i.e some unknown person know your WiFi password then your internet speed will decrease and will divide into two lines. To avoid from this you should change your password.

Why To Change WiFi Password for PTCL modem?

As I already have described that there may be many reason due to which you should change your WiFi password of ADSL modem. Some of the reasons are described below

  • Someone know your Password : If some unknown person know your WiFi password then you should change the password other wise your speed will getting slow and slower.
  • Default Password is Not safe : When you install your PTCL modem there is a default password for your WiFi and that is not enough  safe. So you should change your WiFi password.
  • Your Password is Leaked : You should change your WiFi password if it has been leaked and more than one person know this, this will highly effect your internet speed and it will get slow.

So these were some common reasons due to which users want to change WiFi password of PTCL mode. And I think you are here to do the same. So don’t worry I will show you the step by step guide with screen shots that how can we easily change WiFi password of our mode.

How too change WiFi Password of your PTCL broadband modem?

From here out guide to changing WiFi password will start and I will clear every thing with images and screen shots, and after this if there will be any question in your mind then I will answer you in comments.

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Anyhow, lets start the tutorial, just follow my steps and do the same as I do and then choose your desired password for your WiFi.

Step 1: Go to your web browser e.g Google Chrome or anyone. And type in the address bar, and a new login page will open. Note: You must connected to the internet via your modem. (That will look like this)

How to Change WiFi Password of PTCL ADSL Modem

This is actually your modem login page, by logging in here you can access all your modem setting.

Step 2: Now Just enter your Username and Password and click on login, by default the username is Admin and the password is located on the modem, if you will turn your mode upside down you will find that.

When you will click on login a new page will open and here we will change WiFi password for out ptcl modem. The page will look like this.

How to Change WiFi Password of PTCL ADSL Modem

Step 3: Now click on the Wireless then on Security , a new page will open and here in the WPA/WPAPI passphrase field your wifi password is mentioned. What change you will made here, same will happen with your WiFi password. Here you can change your WiFi password.

In this field write your desired password and for verification click on the link after the field “Click here to Display” a popup will appear and your written password will be shown.

See the image..

After all the setting and changes click on the Apply/Save button at the end of the page. And after saving you have successfully changed your PTCL broadband WiFi password. 

Now all the accesses to your internet via WiFi has been disabled, now unknown person that was using your WiFi have to re-enter the new password, and that password is secret.

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Thats all done with changing your WiFi password of PTCL Broadband mode. Hope that you also changed you WiFi password successfully. Well, if you are in business, choose Mega Path which offers reliable business phone, internet, VoIP, network, and security solutions all in one place. MegaPath Broadband Internet services keep your business connected.

If you still have any question on How to Change WiFi Password of PTCL Modem then feel free to ask via comments. I will answer you instantly.

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