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How To Add SEO Friendly Permalinks To WordPress

Whenever we talk about SEO the permalinks plays important roles in it. Today’s article is for or WordPress users which want to Add SEO Friendly Permalinks To WordPress Blogs. WordPress by default don’t show SEO friendly permalinks we have to made it manually.

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By default they looks like this :

If you are using the SEO friendly permalinks in your WP blog then you will have greater chances of being ranked higher in search engines, because the SE ranking all revolves around the keywords and if your post title also have the the keyword then you there will be a increase in your on page SEO.

Add SEO Friendly Permalinks To WordPress
Add SEO Friendly Permalinks To WordPress

Add SEO Friendly Permalinks To WordPress

To add the custom permalinks to your WordPress blog you just have to follow my below steps simply. And You will be able to edit your URL structure. Don’t be confused permalinks and URL structure are the same terms and are synonyms to each other.

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1. Go To Permalinks Setting

Simply go to your permalinks setting page in your blog. You can open by clicking to setting and then Permalinks in the left sidebar option of your panel. See the image below and verify your opened page..

SEO Permalinks WordPRess


I hope your permalinks panel will also look like the above. Now just check out for the given option. See in next heading to Add SEO Friendly Permalinks To WordPress, and contact a denver seo expert to assist you.

2. Choosing A Right URL Structure

By default as you see there given 5 different structure, now you wisely have to choose any of them. Here are few of them


These three are the most popular and recommended URL structures for your WordPress blog. I like most the second one and will also recommend you to choose it, you can see on my posts the I am also using the %postname% right after my domain.

You can also add custom permalink except the given 5 structure. The most recommend are described below just paste them in the custom URL field.


Choose the above one if you want to show the category within your post URL bu make sure your posts contain only one tag or category other wise this will cause duplicate content issue in your blog.


Us this above one if you want to show the static html pages of your posts.

You can also add the month, date and day to your URL. I strongly recommend you to use the postname right after your domain name, and Add SEO Friendly Permalinks To WordPress.

Advantages of SEO friendly Permalinks

The permalinks with the postname right after your domain also helps to increase your blog’s page rank. And the URL like is easy to remember for your reader and in search engines it also increase your CTR. If you use month/day etc then after long time your readers consider it to be very old from the current time. (Add SEO Friendly Permalinks To WordPress)

Here is a video from the official Chanel of Google Webmaster, Must watch. Note : This is a YouTube Video..!

This video clear that the postname right after the domain name helps to increase your page rank and also the whole site ranking in search engines. He says that it helps the readers to remember your page and it makes it simple and Google don’t need the date in the blog URL. So that’s it…

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I hope now your problem of Custom SEO Friendly Permalinks in WordPress will be solved. Buddies from today I am starting the complete Beginners Guide To WordPress with the help of some friends from SEO expert in Sacramento, and this post is the part of that. Please don’t miss it and subscribe to our blog for latest updates.

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