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How to Add a PayPal Donate Button To WordPress Blog

Paypal is a international funds transfer company it does not support in some countries, but I have a solution to get verified PayPal account in unsupported countries. Some bloggers add a donation button to their blog to get some extra payment or amount.

If you are searching on how to add PayPal donate button to your WordPress blog then you are on the right place. I will show you the whole process step by step to add donate button to WordPress blog, it is not so difficult just follow the steps.

How to Add a PayPal Donate Button To WordPress Blog
Add a PayPal Donate Button To WordPress Blog

How to Add a PayPal Donate Button To WordPress Blog?

There are two ways to add PayPal donate button to your WordPress blog. If you are using the free then you have to add this button manually, and if you are running a self hosted blog then you can use premium or free plugins.

Two method to add PayPal donate button to your blog

  1. Manually add PayPal Donate Button
  2. Use Plugins to add Paypal donate button

1. Manually add Paypal donate button to blog.

This method is applicable if you are using the free WP version, because they do not allow you to use plugins that is why we will add this button manually.

For this you should have a Paypal account, sign up here. After this login to your account and navigate to the tool menu.

After this tool menu will open then click on the Paypal buttons icon.

paypal tools menu

After this a new page will open and click on the “create a new button” link. See image.

create a new button

On the button creation page, you need to choose donations under the button type. After that choose the currency, amount, etc. Once you are satisfied with the settings, simply click on the “Create Button”.

create new button setting


After this, you will see the code you need to display the PayPal donate button. Click on the Email Tab because this option will allow for more customization options. Paste this URL in a Notepad or another text editor.

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Now sign in to your WordPress dashboard and edit the page in which you want to add the donate button, make sure you are editing the page in text editor mode not in visual editor. Copy and paste this code in the page:

<a href="Your Email URL that you got from PayPal"target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> <img src=""alt="" /> </a>

Make sure to replace “Your Email URL that you got from PayPal” with the link that you pasted in your notepad in the step above.

That’s all. You now have a PayPal donate button in your WordPress sites without a plugin.

And if you want to add this button in your blog’s sidebar then simply go to widgets and add this code in the text widget and save, thats it.

Now after the method 1 we will jump up to the method number 2 in which we will use the plugin to add Paypal donate button to your WordPress blog.

2. Use a Plugin to Add PayPal Donate Button to WP Blog

This method of adding Paypal donate button to WP is the easiest method, because you just have too install a plugin, give your account Email address and configure desirably and save.

Anyhow, let us see that how can we add donate button using WP plugin. Make sure that you are using a self hosted WordPress blog.

Install a new plugin named “PayPal Donations” and activate it. Then go to Setting >> PayPal Donations to configure the plugin.

paypal donations plugin setting

Set the plugin fields with your info, in the first field put your Email address with which your Paypal account is registered, then is the currency, set the currency to dollars because it is international.

You can provide the custom donation page URL in this plugin and can also add a return page i.e Thanks You! page in most cases.

The next setting will be like this, or configure according to your desire.

Paypal donation button and amount setting

Choose the button design and save. Now to add this button to any post or to any page just use the short code [paypal-donation], paste this short code where you want to add the Paypal donate button.

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You can also add this plugin to your blog’s sidebar by navigating to appearance >> Widgets and add a new widget named PayPal Donations save and this button will also be added to your blog’s sidebar.

There are many other plugins that can be used to add Paypal donate button to WP blog. But I have choose the best for you.

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