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How To Get Free Dofollow Backlinks From PR9, PR8, PR7 Sites

Getting High PR dofollow backlinks to your blog is really hard, in the present era search engines rank those blog higher those bear high pr dofollow backlinks from authority site like PR9, PR8 and PR7. Some blogger don’t concentrate on the Amplified Search but concentrate on the quantity of content, you must know that high pr backlinks also matters with your content. Backlinks are the only way by which our sites and blogs can be ranked higher.

I have an post on: How to get High Quality Dofollow Backlinks To Your blog

Some site and blogs have highly optimized content, good on-page and off-page SEO but don’t have dofollow backlinks from high pr sites thats why search engines don’t give then the top position and ranking. To get top rankings in search engines you must get dofollow backlinks from high PR sites.

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How To Get Free Dofollow Backlinks From PR9, PR8, PR7 Sites
Get Free Dofollow Backlinks From PR9, PR8, PR7 Sites

In the recent time all the blogger and site turned all their outbound links as nofollow, I have freshly updated this list and choose the site that allow the dofollow high pr backlinks. Just follow the described steps to get high PR dofollow backlinks.

How To Get Free High PR Dofollow Backlinks From PR9, PR8, PR7 Sites?

I have already described some SEO link building strategies for better ranking, and now I have some targeted sites that can give high PR dofollow backlinks to you blog. You can add your links to these sites and in return can get dofollow backlinks. Anyhow, lets start that how can we do it.

PageRank, PR9 Backlinks

1. is a PR9 site and you can get a free dofollow backlink from this PR9 site. It is a high reputed site and attain PR9 that is the highest that can be attained. Follow the simple steps to get PR9 backlink.

  • Sign up for your account at Mozilla
  • Fill the sign up form.
  • Add you site link at the “Homepage” area.
  • They will ask you to verify your email address, do the same.
  • After verifying simply log in and add a link to your blog with your little BIO.

And you have successfully got a high PR9 backlink to your blog.

2. Youtube.Com

Youtube is the world’s largest video sharing website, it is a product by Google. YT have a high PR9, it faces million of visits daily and is well reputed high pr site. You can also get a high quality dofollow backlink from Youtube that is PR9. Simply follow the steps to get pr9 backlinks.

  • Simply sign in to your Youtube account, sign up if you don’t have.
  • Create your own Channel
  • Head over to
  • In the left sidebar menu, under Channel navigate to the Advanced
  • There will be a option associate your site, simply add your site and verify.

You have successfully got a high quality dofollow pr9 backlink to your blog.

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3. Google Plus

As you know that it is also a product by Google and is a well reputed social media. And backlink by Google + will probably increase and effect your ranking because Google SE give huge reputation to it. Follow the simple steps to get dofollow backlinks from Google plus.

  • Sign in to your Google + profile
  • Go to your profile About tab.
  • Here you have to add your link in two places because anyone can be dofollow.
  • First edit your Introduction under Story tab. And add your link with a little bio.
  • And after this navigate to the links tab and add your link to the Contributor section.

And save your profile info, and now you have successfully got another high pr9 dofollow backlink to your blog.

4. Adobe.Com

Adobe’s official site is also a highly ranked and well reputed site and have a PR9. You can also get a high quality dofollow backlink from this site.

You won’t get a backlink from the profile page or any thing like that in Adobe, but you will have to create different threads or different posts with URL in it to get the backlinks. Create a little post for their site and submit. You will get a backlink in return.

  • Sign up and create an account with Adobe.
  • Create a profile and enter proper data.
  • Go to Adobe Forums and post a new thread about any original looking problem along with your website’s URL.

Thats it and you will get another dofollow high pr backlink to your blog.

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5. Pinterest.Com

Pinterest is site from where you can get bundles of traffic to your blog. Just sign up for the Pinterest and drive traffic to your blog. And you can also get a dofollow backlink to your blog from this high pr site.

  • Sign up >> Go to Settings >> Add website>> Verify.
  • You got another PR9 backlink for your blog.

PageRank, PR8 Backlinks

1. TED.Com is another awesome website that has a Pagerank 8 and can get you a dofollow backlinks for your blog. Follow the simple steps to get pr8 dofollow backlink.

  • Sign Up for a free account at TED.
  • Activate the account and then go to your Profile page.
  • Edit the Profile and you will find a section to insert your websites’ name and URL.
  • Enter the keywords and URL and save it.
  • Enjoy the high authority, dofollow backlink to your blog.

2. Storify

Storify lets you write story, get its URL and share with friends. This website has a high PR and site authority. And you can also get a dofollow backlink from this high pr site. Follow the simple steps to get the backlinks.

  • Write a high quality article.
  • Login to Story account or sign up through email Facebook or Twitter
  • Click “Add Story” and paste your story to Storify.
  • Now, click on embed link, and add your website’s link with Anchor text.

You have successfully got the PR8 backlink. Enjoy!!

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3. Reddit

Reddit is a most popular social bookmarking site, you can submit your links as well your text posts and can get backlinks on every share. The good thing of the reddit is that it have a PR of 8 which is the best. We can get the dofollow backlinks from this popular social bookmarking site.

To get high quality backlink from Reddit you should first earn link karama, then start sharing your valuable links in the related categories. You will get backlink as well as traffic.

PageRank, PR7 Backlinks

1. Eventful.COM

This site guides its users about the social events worldwide. It has a high PR8 and we can get a dofollow backlink from it.

  • Sign up to Eventful.
  • Verify Account
  • Click on Profile button on you will see a button “Add More Info”. Click It.
  • Add link which putting your info using : <a href=””>Your Keyword</a>
  • Enjoy Free Backlinks.

Now you have successfully got another high quality dofollow pr 7 backlink to your site.

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2. Nature.Com

Nature is a site that describes about the nature and the science and have a PR7 you can also get a backlink from it. Just Sign Up for this site and put your blog’s link in your profile and also use their form to get dofollow backlinks to your blog.

Use Forums : And you can also get backlinks from the forums, links got from the forums are also very valuable and helps you to increase your search ranking. Some most popular forum list is give below to get backlinks.

  • (PR9)
  • ( PR 8)
  • ( PR 8)
  • ( PR 7)

These were some most popular forums that give the dofollow backlinks.

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These were some high PR sites i.e PR9, PR8, PR7 Sites to get dofollow backlinks to your blog. I hope you have enjoyed this cool article, Share this with your friends on social media and join us and subscribe us. And give your feedback via comments, or ask any question.

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