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How To Enable Google Plus Comments On Blogger Blogs

How To Enable Google Plus Comments On Blogger Blogs
Enable Google Plus Comments On Blogger Blogs

Google Plus is the ever growing social media plat form and are using by every internet user. Google have announced its commenting system long ago and this gives a good opportunity to Blogger users and it helps you to go more social and to build a better blogging community around your Google + or Blogger. Compare to Blogger default commenting system Google Plus give you the much better and good experience. It make your blog more beautiful and friendly because Google Plus Commenting system have very beautiful and nice layout and to comment on any post is very easy.

To Enable Google plus comments on your blogger blog you have to associate your Google Plus with your blog this will allow you to enable Google + comments on your blog in other condition you will not be able to enable this feature.

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Follow steps are required to enable Google Plus comments on blogger blogs.

  • Connect your blogger profile to your Google plus Profile.
  • Enable Google plus comments on each blogger blog.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of enabling this system, I recommend you to read carefully before proceed.

Advantages Of Enabling Google + Commenting System :

  • No Additional Detail : I mean that If your blog reader is already logged in his Google + profile then he will not need to add any extra information like Name, Website, Email etc. He can comment very smoothly without any confirmation.
  • Threaded System : I hope you know about “Threaded Commenting”, It means that if a reader comment on a post other can reply to first reader directly. This make the conversation more interesting and beautiful and Google plus comments have this feature with it.
  • More Comments : If you will enable Google plus comments then you will be able to get more comments on your blog, Confused..!! Let me explain, If you share your post’s link on your Google + profile and if any one share or comment on that post’s link in G + profile then that comment will also be sync with your that blog post or vice versa.
  • Beautiful Design : It has beautiful layout and very good design which attract readers to comment on your post.
  • Edit And Delete Permission : Google gives the Edit or Delete permissions to its commentators, if someone posted wrong comment mistakenly he/she can edit it to explain the right story except republishing.
  • Comment Security : Comment security means that if any reader want to make his comment privacy to private or public, he/she has full control over it.

These were some Good features of this commenting system and I hope you enjoyed it and are in full confidence to enable this system on your blogger blog. But stop I have some bitter sentences about Google plus Commenting System, I mean it also have some disadvantages. Lets discuss.

Disadvantages Of Google + Commenting System :

  • No Notification : I mean that if any reader comment on your blog you will not receive any notification about that comment, you will have to visit and find that comment manually thats the big loss of time.
  • Only Use With Top Level Domain : If you are using the “blogspot” domain and are making up your mind to setup a custom domain to your blogger blog, then don’t use G + comments until you not setup your custom domain. In other way you will loose all your G + comments.
  • Only Registered Users Can Comment : This is the big disadvantage of the commenting system because the only readers can comment that have Google + profile those users cannot comment that don’t have. It means they have to create one.

So I am happy after informing you about all the good and bad features of G + commenting system. Now its your turn that you have to use this or not. Lets start that How can we Enable Google plus Comments On Blogger Blog.

#1. How To Associate Google Plus Profile To Blogger Blogs

Login to your blogger account and stay to the blogger home page after signing in. Now click on the gear icon which will be in the upper right corner of the page, a drop down will be opened. Here you have to click on “Connect To Google Plus” . See the image below, my “connect to Google plus” is not showing because I am already connected to Google +. And this also help to get Google Authorship for your blog’s content. Anyhow see the image.

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Connect Your Google Plus Profile To Blogger

This image shows the google + association with blogger. After selecting the option “Connect To Google +” you have to setup your connection. Before you make the switch, do remember your profile information from Blogger will not be migrated to your Google plus profile. So, before making the switch, copy the profile information from your Blogger profile to Google plus. The next window will be shown like this, see the image.

Switch To Google Plus Profile'

If you are agree to their TOS click on “Switch Now” and you are all done with Google + association to Blogger Profile. Now its time to enable Google plus  comment on your blog.

#2. Enable Google plus Comments On Blogger Blog.

Now if you have successfully associated your Google + to your Blogger profile then you can quickly enable Google plus comments on your blog. If you have already connected your G + to blogger then you don’t need reconnect it you just have to enable your Google plus comment. To enable Google plus comment follow these steps.

#1. Go to your blogger dashboard and open the blog on which you want to enable these comments.

#2. Click on the “Google Plus” which will be in the side bar.

#3. After clicking on the G Plus Check the option which says “Use Google Plus Comment On This Blog”

Use Google Plus Comments

Now save your setting and you are all done with enabling Google plus comments on Blogger blog. And if the Google plus comments are not enabled for your blog then the reason is that you are using custom Template and I have some tips to make them enable on custom templates.

How To Enable Google plus Comments On Custom Blogger Templates.

  • Go to Blogger Dashboard >> Template >> Edit HTML
  • Find for the below code.

<div class=’post-footer’>

  • Just below it paste the following code.

<div class=’cmt_iframe_holder’ data-viewtype=’FILTERED_POSTMOD’ expr:href=’data:blog.canonicalUrl’/>

  •  Click save template and you are all done.

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