Monday, December 11, 2017

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Apple iOS 9: Hidden Features And Changes You Should Know

Apple iOS 9 Hidden Features And Changes You Should Know

Apple released iOS 9 and the rush to upgrade will be on. There is good reason for this. While Apple admits iOS 9 is more about evolution than revolution, the next generation of iOS still makes a compelling case for your attention. Here I am going to discuss some hidden features of the Apple iOS 9, I hope you will enjoy to know …

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WhatsApp Web: Now Available For iPhone IOS Users

Whatsapp Web For iPhone

WhatsApp Web is finally making its way to the iPhone. WhatsApp Web lets users access their messages in Chrome, bringing one of the world’s largest messaging platforms to the desktop. WhatsApp Web: Now Available For iPhone IOS Users, It is true now iPhone users can access their Whats App data in their PC using WhatsApp Web. WhatsApp web version allows …

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BlackBerry Venice Android Phone: Just Leaked And Its Awakened

BlackBerry Venice Android Phone

BlackBerry’s upcoming Blackberry Venice Android smartphone that’s reportedly designed with a slider physical keyboard. It’s everything you’ve ever dreamed, and probably even a bit more. As you can see on the picture, it runs stock Android. BlackBerry opted for a more traditional 16:9 display instead of its tiny square-ish displays as well. As you can see the picture, BlackBerry Venice Android is awesome …

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Apple iOS 8.4 Now Released – Should You Upgrade?

Apple iOS 8.4 Now Released

Apple’s latest iOS release, version 8.4 is now live. Apple iOS 8.4 brings a few new features, most notable being Apple Music and several bug fixes to the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It will be sent to the iPhone 4S and later models, and iPad 2 and later. The most expected component here is the Apple Music service, which is …

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