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4 Best Ways! Monetize Your Blog Or Website To Earn More

In the today’s world millions of the peoples are running their blog and want to become a successful blogger. If you also want to survive then you have to work hard for your blog and think as peoples thinks and you have to solve their problems. After all you have done and your blog have a good traffic, then it will be time to monetize your blog with best ways. And you will start looking for the best and highest paying monetization methods.

I will cover the whole process that how can we monetize our blog with better ways and strategies.

If you are looking so, then this post is very important for you. And this will help you a lot, blog monetization means that you put your blog with different advertisers and advertise or promote their product in return they pay you the best price for this.

4 Best Ways To Monetize a Blog Or Website
4 Best Ways To Monetize a Blog Or Website

4 Best Ways To Monetize a Blog Or Website

There are a lots  best ways to monetize a blog or website. If your blog have a organic and real traffic, then you can also do it. Anyhow lets discuss the methods which pro bloggers are using to earn money and monetize their blogs.

Must Read These :

1. CPC & PPC Ad networks.

CPC (Cost Per Click) & PPC (Pay Per Click) are the networks which allows you to put their ads on your blog or website and whenever someone click on their ads the will pay you according to the CPC rate of the ad.

There is a lot so networks which are offering this program and pays you the PPC. This can be very use full for you if your blog or website is related to the technology or making money methods or other types of so. Some of the best CPC ad networks are described below.

Google Adsense.

Google adsense is a the best PPC ad network it pays you as high that you cannot estimate. This program is run by the Google it is founded in 2006 and become a best PPC ad network. You can also work with them and earn a huge amount with your blog.


It is another PPC in text ad network. It can play a important role in the best revenue for your website. If you become possible to approve your site by them then you can earn a good revenue from your blog content. They advertise in text, the link your content text with the link of their advertisers product and whenever a visitor click you will get paid. Click here to sign up for infolinks.

2. Banner Advertisement.

Banner advertisement is another method to earn money from your content and very best ways to monetize a blog or website. This is a place where a publisher meets with the advertiser directly. You set your ad rate according to the traffic and niche of your website. And if a advertiser got interested in your blog then he will ask you to advertise his product and you ask your desired amount from him. Some popular ad networks to monetize your blog are described below.

Buy Sell Ads.

Buy Sell Ads is the best ever banner ad network it allow advertiser to meet with publisher. A publisher will ask his desired amount and advertiser will pay you. It can be the first revenue source of your blog. It pays you via Paypal.

Publicity Clerks.

Publicity Clerks is another advertisement program like Buy Sell Ads. It have same method as the Buy Sell Ads. But it have low requirements then other for the approval of account.

3. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is another method to earn money with your blog and very best ways to monetize a blog or website. In this program you have to refer your visitors to different website to buy or signups through your affiliate links. When ever some one buys anything or signup through your affiliate link you will be get paid. You can use affiliate marketing banners to monetize your blog.

Some popular Affiliate Marketing Site.

Blue Host.

It is a hosting service. When ever a buyer go through your link and buy a hosting or domain name for his website or blog. You will be get paid in your Blue Host account. Sign up for BlueHost affiliate program.

Host Gator

Host Gator is also a web hosting and domain name serving website. It also give you different affiliate banners and which you can place on your website and it give you a referral link from which if a buyer will buy their product you will be get paid in your host gator account. Sign up for Host Gator affiliate.

Click Bank

Click Bank is another affiliate marketing service which allow you to promote the products of their advertisers. You cannot estimate your click bank earning if you have organic traffic.

My Theme Shop Affiliate

MythemeShop is a WordPress theme marketplace which offers free and premium WordPress theme. By just making account you can explore their free themes too. Today in this article I will tell you the way to make money by affiliate marketing with MyThemeShop.

4. Sell You Own Product.

This is best way to monetize a blog or website if your blog or website have great traffic through Email subscribers or through search engines. Then you can sell your own products on your blog with your desired rate. Create a eBook and offers it on your blog and ask peoples to buy this. Or  create a online product and sale with the help of Techwitty website according to the needs of peoples. You can be the best computer analyst and can solve peoples problems online and in  return you get paid.

It can be the best source of your income and you can earn a lot that you cannot estimate. If you will be selected once by the audience then you can earn as much as your desire.

Up To you.

Now it is up to you that which method you will use to monetize your blog and will earn as your desire. There are other hundred of methods to earn money from blogging but in my experience these are the top 4. Its your creativity that how you utilize them.

You can use any of method to monetize your blog or website. Any one of these if used perfectly then it will open flood gates of money. Just keep working hard, never give up.

This was a huge guide on that How to monetize a blog or website with better ways. Share this article with your friends on social media if you like this and subscribe us and like us. Give me your feedback via comments.

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